What We Do

We specialize in construction jobs in the residential building industry.


Including new builds of Infill Housing, Track Housing and Semi-Detached Houses all over the golden horseshoe.


Our scope of expertise includes high density housing builds including Stacked Townhouses & Traditional Townhouses.

Custom Work

We also specialize in custom work including Custom Homes as well as effortlessly tackling Large Renovations and Additions.

From stand alone houses, townhouses, and stacked townhouses. From apartments, condos, semi-detached homes, custom
homes, to large renovations and large additions, Penco Drywall has you covered with a wide range of services including:


Thermal Batt Insulation. Vapour Barrier Insulation. Sound Insulation.Attic Blown Insulation.Basement Wrap Insulation.

Metal Framing

Bulkhead Framing.Drop Ceiling Framing.Interior Wall Framing.Fireplace Framing.


Resilient Channel.Fire Rated Assemblies.Fire Rated Prep Work Including Fire Taping.Drywall Returns.Drywall Reveals Trim Options.


Smooth Ceilings.Textured Ceilings.California Knock Down Ceilings.Level 5 Finishes.Fire Taping.Gas Proofing Garages.


All pricing includes a detailed checkout performed by one of our specially trained service technicians to fix nicks, imperfections, and settlement issues after the trim is installed, before the first coat of paint. Once our inspection is done, we stamp our work with Jeff’s seal of approval to show that the job is done to the highest industry standards.

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